Hot gilding

Elegance and nobility

Eyes on gold

Hot gilding involves transferring a matte or shiny film from a film to a paper medium. For example, it allows the appearance of materials such as gold, silver and copper to be restored in the most faithful way possible. This high-end technique will give elegance to your supports.

No limit to your creativity

A bespoke print

Types of media


Technical paper, creative paper, cardboard (other substrates consult us for advice or testing).



Hot gilding adapts to small, medium and large series.

Upstream tips


The quality of print files is essential to get the best rendering on your product. We will accompany you in this phase to define together the elements necessary for the success of the project.

Holographic gilding


There are a variety of films of different colors to surprise your customers. Holographic gilding is one of them, giving your supports a luxurious dimension with stunning colour variations.

Our jewels

The gilding

Now, do it in lace.

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