Laser cutting

High cut

Original and refined bespoke supports.

Laser cutting offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of creativity and applications. It is a technology that does not require cutting tools, and therefore has a great flexibility of execution. The remarkable precision and finesse of this process make it possible to cut or engrave at mid-flesh. Enhance your brand image with original and refined media.

No limit to your creativity

A bespoke print

Types of media


Technical paper, creative paper, cardboard, textile, adhesive textile, wood (other substrates consult us for advice or testing).



Laser cutting is possible for small, medium, or large series. For prototyping, it allows a quick delay, without tools.

Upstream tips


The creative freedom offered by this process requires technical qualities of files and media. Our team can accompany you even before your project is being put into shape.

The pop-up


This year, you decide to surprise by creating an original medium in volume. The assembly of the different planes plays on the depths of fields to create spectacular perspective effects.

Our lace

Laser cutouts

Now, do it in lace.

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